Principal's Message

   “They say that there exists a thin dividing line that separates a good school from a truly great one. I am happy to say that we are moving steadily along the journey to greatness, and it’s a pleasure to be accompanied on this journey by so many wonderful people in the Schola Nova Family.”

Welcome to Schola Nova, Islamabad; an educational institute with a difference. It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to my Schola Nova community. Our website will provide you comprehensive information about our school, education system, programs offered, the school executive and management team and our esteemed O Level’s faculty.

Schola Nova is known for its high standard of education and we strive to maintain this excellence in education. Every year we look for new opportunities to enhance our educational program. This enables us to develop leadership qualities, character building and exposure to technological advancements so that our students are well-prepared for the global world.

I highly encourage you to visit our school and meet our vibrant and engaging community of teachers and students. Parent involvement and feedback is considered extremely crucial at Schola Nova. We encourage parents to visit our website, social media channels and meet their child’s teacher in order to monitor their child’s progress and our efforts.

 So how did Schola Nova come into being?

As a young student I always felt the need for an institution that would create an open and creative mindset for better critical thinking skills, teach learners how to build strong supportive relationships and help students understand their own impulses and develop empathy for others. Hence Schola Nova came into being! Schola Novians benefit from a world class learner-centered education that empowers them to discover their passions and achieve personal excellence.

Schola Nova’s philosophy determines that apart from classroom knowledge, there’s great emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities. Schola Nova does not believe in standardization. Our aim is that each child receives customized attention and feedback that will not only boost his self-confidence, but also encourage participation. We aim to ensure that every child has a variety of options to learn from and be aware of their interests and we equip our classrooms with the best teachers in town. They are not only specialists in their own fields, but are also trained to work with children from various backgrounds and nationalities. Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our excellent team is committed and dedicated in ensuring that each and every child achieves or exceeds expectations. We have special programs as part of the daily curriculum. These include STEAM, Sign Language, French, Performing Arts and Public Speaking just to name a few. We strive to make each day different for our children and let them take charge of who they want to be! We have high standards and expect the best.

Looking forward to partnering with you in shaping the future of Pakistan which lies with our children!


Schola Nova Islamabad – Pakistan