“A student’s appreciation of and learning from a recreational trip arranged by the school, fulfills the purpose of the activity.”

Recreational trips are great for students in terms of learning through practical experience. The purpose is not only to educate but to provide them with an opportunity to go outside the classroom with teachers and classmates and create some wonderful memories. At the same time if they are able to learn something, it’s beneficial for everyone involved. Students remember such trips for life and share these experiences with friends and family.

These trips are arranged after a lot of research. The school ensures that the location selected is age appropriate and is relevant to students’ education level. Food, travelling and security are thoroughly planned. The school takes complete responsibility of each child going on the trip. Taking permission from officials in charge of these places is another matter that has to be dealt with. Hence a lot of effort goes into each trip. When students and/or parents appreciate these efforts, it really motivates the school staff and encourages them to create more possibilities for such outings.

One such letter from a student to the principal was simply heart touching. It really shows how much the student enjoyed the trip while learning something new also.