Saad Bin Waqas

I spent 7 years of my life at Schola Nova, from grade 4 to grade 10. This journey was an absolutely beautiful and memorable one. The teachers taught us so much, worked so hard on us. I made life long friends here, who I’m still in touch with. We fought with each other, played with each other, cried, laughed, grew up together & embarked on our respective journeys. But the time spent here, the memories made here will always remain fresh in my mind and heart. Visiting the school feels like I never really left, every corner is so nostalgic. This street in F-8 holds immense significance & value in my life. Thanks to everyone who was a part of my time here, who made this time so cherishable, especially Mrs. Naeem.

Location: Lahore

Batch: 2014 

Degree/Institute: BS Computer Science – LUMS

Mr Khawaja

Haris Tahir

I spent 9 years in schola nova from grade 2 to grade 10, and I never view it as just my school, it was and is my home. From the mentors I had the honour to learn from to the memories and friends I made, I cherish every moment I spent at Schola Nova. I owe everything to the teachers and the administration especially Mrs.Naeem who has played an integral part in my grooming and instilled in me values which I will always hold on to.  No matter where I go, Schola Nova will always be a major part of me and I will always be in debt for the foundation that it has laid for me.

Location: Karachi

Batch: 2017

Degree/Institute: Bachelors in Accounting and Finance – IBA Karachi

Arisha Tahir

I joined Schola Nova at the tender age of three and that single decision made by my parents is one I’ll always remain incredibly grateful for. Ironically, both my first and last day at Schola Nova involved me crying my heart out and being utterly terrified of the unknown. After all, neither of those times was I even the least bit prepared to bid my family goodbye. Schola Nova is undoubtedly more than just a school and teaches far beyond the four walls of a classroom. It helps instil a sense of values within students and prioritizes leadership founded based on courage, intellectual integrity and discipline. The exemplary staff and teachers engage, inspire, and empower students to achieve academic excellence and reach greater heights in every field of life. I may not be a part of this school anymore, but this school shall always remain an integral part of me no matter what the future holds. While most schools consist of principles, teachers and classmates, in Schola Nova, I found mentors, confidants and life-long friends. Truth is, no amount of gratitude could ever suffice, for being my second home and moulding me into the person that I am today, I’ll forever remain in this school’s debt! Simply the best educational institute there is!

After obtaining 7 A*s and 1 A along with a distinction in her O levels, she is now doing her A levels

Location: Islamabad

Batch: 2018 

Degree/Institute: A Levels – Private

Ammar Jilani

“You know the feeling of warmth that fills your heart when you think of home? That’s the feeling I get when I think of Schola Nova. It feels like home. I have made the best of friends and even better memories in the 5 years that I’ve studied there. From Ma’am Zubi’s guidance to Mrs. Naeem’s emphasis on being punctual, from Ma’am Kanwal’s anger to Sir Omar’s jokes – somewhere along the line I learnt to enjoy studying and living a disciplined life.  

Being thousands of miles away from Pakistan, every time I think of going home, I know that I’ll visit Schola Nova for sure and re-live all the beautiful memories I made there.”

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Batch: 2012

Degree/Institute: Master in Business Information System – Torrens University, Australia 

Job Placement: Technical Support Analyst – MYOB, Melbourne, Australia

Amna Naeem

Looking back at the time spent at Schola Nova I can’t help but tear up. Without an ounce of exaggeration, they were the best years of my life! 

When I was 10 years old, my Headmistress urged me to participate in Debate competitions. I remember the butterflies and knots I felt in my stomach the first time I had to speak in a room full of 100 people. My pre-performance anxiety was nothing as compared to the thrill I felt being up on stage. At the age of 10, that was the first time I realized how to play at my strengths and focus on my personal development and there has been no looking back since then! 

While every other school promises quality education and excellent grades, I am most grateful to Schola Nova for teaching me basic life skills and how to play at my strengths. Now, in a Conference Room full of 30 colleagues, all eyeing the same promotion/reward, I know what actions and words will push me in the right direction. I know what needs to be done to shine bright and stand out! Thank you, Schola Nova, for making me believe in myself.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Batch: 2012

Degree/Institute: Masters of Architecture – Deakin University, Australia 

Job Placement: Working at International College of Victoria, Australia

Anjlee Diwani

As a student of Schola Nova for more than 15 years of my life, I can proudly say today that the place is my second home. My passion since childhood was becoming a doctor, and as my teachers at Schola Nova knew that, they’d make sure to push me to do my absolute best. Whether it was in the form of extra classes to cope with the pressures of my subject or individual attention after classes, Mrs Naeem ensured that I could fulfill my dream after graduating from the school. It didn’t take long for my dearest teachers, Ma’am Zubi, Ma’am Asiya, Ma’am Kanwal and Ma’am Shazra to become my second mothers. The love and care I receive from them to this day is second to none. Schola Nova built the foundation in all that was yet to come in my life. The school made me confident, allowed me to make best friends for life and study from teachers that I deem as my guardians. To this day, driving by the school never fails to make me nostalgic. The memories and experiences I have made with the most wonderful people will always remain close to my heart. For that, I am eternally grateful to everyone I met on my journey.

Location: Islamabad

Batch: 2013

Degree/Institute: MBBS – Ziauddin University, Karachi 

Job Placement:  Medical Officer – Ali Medical Center

Hadia Asad 

I was in Schola Nova from Grade 3 till O’levels and memories of those fantastic seven years are still fresh in my mind. I absolutely loved going to school, and I would literally be sad on weekends for not being there. 

It was an amazing experience, because of the wonderful environment that Schola Nova gave us. Teachers were very knowledgeable and devoted, and gave individual attention to everyone with patience and kindness. They played a big role in nurturing our personalities and giving us confidence. 

What they gave us lasted a lifetime. As I grew up and started my professional life, I realised at every step that I owed a lot of gratitude to Schola Nova for providing me reasons to love my studies, nourishing my interpersonal skills, and taking out the best in me through extra 

curricular activities. Today, I stand strong and feel confident to face the world due to the solid foundations that Schola Nova laid for me  under the mentorship of Mrs. Naeem and Mrs. Sardar.

With this background and such coaching, my heart bloomed with ambition to make a mark in life. I went on to study LLB from the University of London, and successfully completed the program. I am presently working as Lecturer and Coordinator at The Institute of Legal Studies Islamabad.

Location: Islamabad

Batch: 2004

Degree/Institute: LLB – University of London

Job Placement: Lecturer and Coordinator – The Institute of Legal Studies Islamabad.

Maryam Adeeb

Schola Nova was more than just school for me, it was home. I spent 11 years of my life here, from second grade to A level so I can easily say that it had a huge role in shaping the person I am today. Not only did this institute provide top notch education which led me to achieve two distinctions in A levels, it also taught us morals and integrity and I think that’s what I cherish the most now. The teachers were just as invested in our grades as they were in building our values and that is something unique to Schola Nova. I also found some of my closest friends here, who I now call family. In short, this school has given me a whole lot, and I will always be thankful! 

(I completed my Bachelors in Economics from LUMS in 2018, and am now working as a Financial Journalist at S&P Global)

Location: Islamabad

Batch: 2014

Degree/Institute: Bachelors in Economics – LUMS 

Job Placement: Financial Journalist – S&P Global

Distinction Holder – Schola Nova

Mohammad Farrae

I joined Schola Nova in 7th grade. My mother was tired of the fact that I was performing poorly in all my previous 5 schools and she felt individual attention at Schola Nova might be the best option for me. As a kid, I wasn’t super happy about transitioning to a smaller school compared to my previous school. However, it’s not like I had a choice. It turns out that my mother was right. I am immensely grateful to all the teachers that would teach us in class but even more so those that would stay back after school with me to help me practice how to write better, do Math or whatever else I was behind on. The extra personal attention that I got at the school was pivotal for my attitude change towards education. Alhumdullilah, I have been blessed ever since. I graduated from Schola Nova after completing my O-levels. I went on to get a full scholarship for my A levels at one of the best schools in Islamabad. I then studied engineering at NUST Islamabad. After five years of working in the corporate and development sectors, I find myself back in education, doing a Masters in Global Affairs from the University of Notre Dame (USA). Lastly, I just want to thank everyone at the school that helped me get to where I am today.

Location: South Bend, Indiana, United States

Batch: 2009 

Degree/Institute: Masters in Global Affairs – University of Notre Dame (USA)

Sarah H. Malik

My journey, as part of Schola Nova has been one that I share with a few – I was part of the school from Playgroup to A-levels, and luckily one of the very few who have been part of the school since the day it laid its foundations and developed into a commune, nurturing and educating so many along the way.

Out of the many things that this school gave me, what has stayed with me from my school life to my professional life is determination. On days when I did not score well on my assessments, my teachers came up to me, reassuring me that there are days when things don’t work out and that I will do better – that I am human and what is more important than perfect scores, is the consistent effort, and heart and soul that I put into my work. While in this competitive world, one wants to pull down others to make space for oneself, I was taught to take my peers hand-in-hand, to make sure that I don’t leave them behind in trying to make a place for myself. I found life-long friends in my classmates, teachers, juniors and seniors. I was taught to strike a balance in life – to dream, to work towards those dreams, but also to be content with, and grateful for the little things in life. Schola Nova has been home for me and for many others. Not just limited to studying, we were taught life skills, there was effort put into personality development, and teaching continued beyond the classroom as well

Post Schola Nova, I joined LUMS for my Undergrad in Anthropology and Sociology. From a close-knit setup to a much more diverse one, not once did I feel alienated owing to all the confidence my teachers gave me. Holding on to this confidence, and persistence in the face of a multitude of challenges, I pursued my Masters in South Asian Studies from my dream school, Columbia University New York.

After my graduation, I briefly worked at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. I am currently working as a Consultant for the World Bank in Pakistan.

Location: Islamabad

Batch: 2013

Degree/Institute: Masters in South Asian Studies – Columbia University

Job Placement: Consultant – World Bank Pakistan

Henna Safdar

Hi my name is Henna Safdar currently residing in America with my family. I am a mother of two and looking at them grow I understand the importance of good schooling. 20% of time is spent at home and 80% is at school and looking back at my own schooling I feel privileged to be apart of schola nova because it plays a big role in my life and personality. 

Schola nova has always had the best faculty who not only taught you to be good in studies but emotionally and morally supported you.

After completing my O levels from schola now  I  later successfully completed my degree in LLB(external program). I pursed my career by teaching A level Law and working as a Legal Advisor at Acid survivors Foundation. I could only succeed in this with a strong background of commitment, hard work and dedication and I owe it all to Schola nova.

Location: Chicago, America

Batch: 2005

Degree/Institute: LLB (External program) – The institute of legal studies/University of London


Rameesha Khan

Looking back at school experience for most would just mean the start of formal education, but to me Schola Nova has always been my second home. From Pre-school to A levels, Schola Nova marks an integral part of my personal and professional journey. I made friendships to last me a lifetime. I found teachers who put in all their effort to always stand by my side, guide me and bring out the best in me.


I decided in 8th grade that I’d like to pursue Economics as my major at university and I owe the clarity in my decision making skills at such a young age to my dedicated teacher Sir Umer . I did my undergrad in Economics from NUST and further went on to to continue my higher education from the University of Glasgow in Public Policy and Management. I am now a part of the University of Central Asia as a researcher in Kyrgyzstan . Had my teachers not believed in the young girl I was once at Schola Nova, I wouldn’t have made it this far. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and compassion to invest in a child’s dreams and to make them a better person and that is all that Schola Nova is about. I will always be grateful to Mrs.Naeem, Mrs Safdar and all my teachers. 

Schola Nova not only focused on motivating us to give our best at everything in life but also worked towards instilling values that are still close to my heart. The older I grew the more grateful I felt for my experience at Schola Nova.

Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Batch: 2014

Degree/Institute: Public Policy and Management – University of Glasgow

Job Placement: Researcher – University of Central Asia

A boy with glasses

Syed Baqir Hussain Naqvi

A 5 year old boy cried on his first day to school, hoping his parents wouldn’t make him stay. That same boy, at 17, showed great reserve as he put on a brave face on his last day at school, wishing he wouldn’t have to leave. As Dickens so eloquently put, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness..”

Schola Nova is more than a school. My time there was spent in the company of amazing faculty and mentors, as well as life-long friends. We learned, we laughed, we lived. Schola Nova will always be home.


I believe that an educational institution helps shape your life, not only by giving you quality education, but by teaching you the difference between right and wrong.

Schola Nova, has been the stepping stone for me that enables me to always push harder to achieve my goals in life. The teachers – my mentors , helped me dream big and not settle for anything less than what I planned. With graduation a few months away and my eyes on a masters degree, I can’t thank this school enough for making me Who I am today, for teaching me never to compromise on my education values and most importantly for building the confidence in me to not let any hurdle stop me from achieving my dreams.

In other words, best school ever 🙂


Hamza Farrukh

A white bungalow at the end of street 8, Schola Nova. A place where I learnt all that I know today and the drive to achieve more was instilled in me. Inside the walls of this institution great memories were created, lifelong friends were made, and best of all it was a place that felt like home. I really appreciate what this magnificent school has taught me and cherish the memories I have here. I hope one day I can give back to the family I have at Schola Nova. Thanks a lot Schola Nova

Rabiya Ashraf

Schola Nova has been the ultimate working experience for me. The teaching environment is vibrant, creative and accommodating. The staff and the students are equally warm and welcoming resulting in Schola Nova being one of the best learning institutions in Islamabad


Rinm Asad

I have spent 13 years in Schola Nova and I can never forget them. This school wasn’t only a school for me, it was more like a second home where I had multiple mothers who were always there for me. I met two very important people here, Ma’am Shazma and Mrs. Naeem, words can’t describe how much I appreciate them. The person I am today is all because of them. I wasn’t a very confident person before but after meeting them I have completely changed. Schola Nova by far is the only school I know where studies aren’t the only focus, character building and grooming are also their main focus. Mrs. Naeem taught me how to improve the way I conversed with people, how one’s posture should be while sitting and standing, she helped me improve myself. The time I spent in Schola Nova was the best! I have made so many friends and memories here. I hope one day I can give back what it gave me.
Thank you Schola Nova! 💚