Curriculum plays a significant role in the success of a student’s education. It helps a student’s lifelong development and growth. Curriculum is everything. It’s all about how to lead. And it’s all about how to educate.  

The curriculum is a key ingredient in creating the kind of impact we want to see in our society. A great curriculum not only encompasses all aspects of development of students’ essential skills but it also ensures the successful outcome of all the efforts. It assists students in developing behavioral and leadership skills in a fast, effective and relevant manner.

The core elements of a curriculum that makes the difference are that it;

Channelizes Student’s Energy

We know that students have the energy to acquire the skills they need to make it in today’s world. In this regard, we understand the importance of a curriculum. And we know that it has to be fun! Our curriculum offers a way for students and parents to connect through playful physical activities.

Research shows that even the briefest of exercises like skipping, jumping, and running can invoke positive changes in teenagers. Your child learns faster and engages in a better way when he is taught through play. That is the essence of engagement. 

At Schola Nova, we endeavor to have a curriculum that would inspire change and help students see that they have more power than they think they do. We wish our students to envision themselves doing something awesome after completing the education.

Therefore, our efforts also direct our emphasis towards motivational personal development of each student. In our school, a student does not just have to achieve good grades ,we make them set bigger goals.

A curriculum that promotes public speaking 

Public speaking is a vital skill for anyone who wants to make an impact in their local community. It gives you the confidence to say what’s on your mind and it can develop some very powerful skills for your future life.

Public speaking is a potentially transformational endeavor that many find overwhelming. It is more than just a job to you. It is your life’s passion, your calling, as well as an instrument for social justice. And yet, despite what it might feel like at times, public speaking never wears off. The skill of public speaking confirms that your understanding of different issues grows, and it can enhance your income, status, relationships, and influence.

We have designed our curriculum in a way that effectively instills this basic skill in our students. Consequently, our children start their career journey with confidence.

Other Life Skills

School doesn’t have to be a waste of time or money. All you need is the right curriculum and accountability. Education is integral to our success as learners. And we know that the best way to learn new skills is through experienced hands. So, we offer a learning program that not only inspires us but also meets our personal needs and goals.

Our curriculum is selected to help high school students and young adults master the skills they need to become successful and  engaged citizens of their communities. Also, this makes them a contributing member of society in a prosperous world. Our curriculum aligns with our mission of building character, a practice of living that brings purpose and joy to a person’s life.

To sum up, we render an exquisite learning environment with our excellent curriculum to the brilliant minds of our society. Therefore, Schola Nova, the best school in Islamabad, is enabling the students to succeed no matter where they are going next.