As our first term of the academic year 2022-2023 is ending, we would like to convey our gratitude for your patience, support and dedication during this period. We wish the very best of luck and success to our beloved students as their midterm exams draw near. End of Term Letter 2022

Parents play a vital role in the learning journey of their children and for this their support during these exams is appreciated. You can support your child during this time by assisting in making an effective study plan and thorough exam preparation, providing a distraction-free atmosphere, and making sure your child arrives on time on the exam day. End of Term Letter 2022

It is vital that all our students plan a study schedule so that they give themselves adequate time to study, rather than waiting until the last minute, along with an organised study space as it is key to focus and avoids distractions. Students are advised to make flowcharts and diagrams as visual aids are proven to help revise more efficiently. Practicing prior exam papers is one of the most effective ways to prepare as doing so allow students to understand how the questions are phrased and formatted, as well as estimate how much time they will need for the actual test itself. It is also crucial that students take regular breaks as they are needed for the brain to regain its focus. However, rather than diverting themselves with unhealthy activities like playing video games or wasting time on social media, students are encouraged to take a brief walk to get some fresh air and snack on healthy, natural snacks that are rich in vitamins as they improve concentration and memory.

It’s wonderful if your child does receive outstanding grades, but if he or she doesn’t, please do not take away their dignity and sense of self-worth. Remind them that they are capable of doing much greater things in life by encouraging them to work harder. Let your children know that regardless of how they score, you love them and will not judge them. Please do this and watch your children conquer the world – one exam or a low mark will not take away their dreams and talent.

Best Wishes for the upcoming exams!

Team Schola Nova

We will keep you updated on our social media platforms. Schola Nova Bazm e Khaas