Faiza Bilal

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist – Junior & Senior Schools

Ms. Faiza Bilal has been an amazing and cherished member of Schola Nova’s Management Team for past 2 years. She has a diverse educational and professional background. She holds a degree from Kinnaird College in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Business Administration and many certifications in Education. She brings with her a rich experience of over 15 years in teaching English Language and Literature along with various other subjects. Her experience in Curriculum Design and Teacher Training in the capacity of Curriculum Coordinator as well as Primary Head acts as a catalyst to her pursuit of excellence in education.

At Schola Nova, Ms. Faiza is at the forefront in curriculum design, its execution and professional development of faculty to improve learning and creativity in classrooms. She is committed to quality assurance in all areas of teaching and learning through modern teaching techniques. Moreover, she is driven by her passion to enable young minds from varied backgrounds to gain knowledge through experiential learning while developing life skills, attitudes, and habits that will enable them to achieve their full potential. She inspires and empowers people to do things differently and shape their own paths in life.

Ms. Faiza Bilal is a highly experienced and accomplished Curriculum Specialist. Ms. Faiza is both a warm person and a sharp educational strategist, seeing possibilities in every new situation. Her sustained efforts at Schola Nova are now bearing fruit for parents including those with children at our institution.

Ms. Bilal possesses a passion for teaching literature and writing practices that she puts to work in daily lesson plans with Schola Nova students. Ms. Faiza values children’s natural learning experiences and takes the time to nurture each child’s interests through hands-on applications. See our other team members by clicking here;

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