Farah Nisar

Graphic Designer & SIS manager

Ms Farah Nisar has a degree of Bachelors in Computer Arts and has an experience of graphic designing for more than 4 years in private educational setups. She is a hard working team member who puts her creative gears in use and conceptualizes visuals based on day to day requirements. She has a pleasant personality and works well with all members of her team. Meeting deadlines while keeping a positive demeanour is one of her best traits. She overlooks the Student Information System for the Junior Branch and assists teachers in day to day working of the portal and record updating. 

Farah is a great designer and a person who gets things done on time. She has a keen eye for detail and strives to be the best in whatever she undertakes. She is very proficient in graphic design using high-end tools like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. Farah can easily work under pressure, using her innovative and creative skills to complete projects within time constraints. No matter how many tasks you give her to do, you will always find her extremely enthusiastic and ready to take up more work.

She is an excellent & creative designer with a great eye for detail. She has a great passion for modern design and developing creative solutions with attention to quality, brand, and customer requirements. Ms. Farah Nisar has the ability to prioritize work with speed and accuracy but always within the necessary deadlines. Farah works well as part of a team and independently when required.