There is a concerning rise in non-school related issues that are impacting our students and their learning. Social media platforms have had a widespread impact on the way in which we communicate and express our thoughts. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing an increasing number of situations where social media has been the vehicle for inappropriate behavior by students. Whilst many of the posts are completely harmless, there are occasions where young people are exposed to inappropriate content and they end up sharing it with their peers. Hazards of Social Media 

There have been a growing number of situations where we have had to deal with students using social media to be unkind to others. What starts as something seemingly harmless quickly can get out of control and become extremely unpleasant. Whilst things are most likely to have taken place off the school site and outside school hours, the resulting ‘fallout’ in such situations can have major implications for harmonious relationships within school and a resulting negative impact on teaching and learning.

Incidents of ill-considered use of social media causes the school staff to spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to manage issues and situations. This has prompted us to remind parents of the importance of monitoring their children’s online activity and presence. Findings indicate that students use profanity with one another and share indecent posts. Moreover, students also manage many accounts, some of which are even anonymous. We implore that you are more vigilant about the content your children are viewing and we highly recommend that you restrict their screen time and visits to their peers’ houses. Hazards of Social Media 

We will continue to do our part to monitor behavior at school and to educate students about safe and appropriate interactions as we prioritize their wellbeing. However, alone we cannot tackle this new age problem, therefore we ask that you please reinforce this important message by speaking with your children and by monitoring their online interactions at home, and by encouraging them to report anything they see that may be of concern.

Team Schola Nova

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