Sports are extremely crucial for the mental and physical health of children. We need to keep our children active in order to stimulate their growth. Research reveals that people who actively take part in sports clubs and organize recreational activities are more alert and resilient against stress. Today our lives are highly stressed and therefore adding physical activity is more relevant than ever to handle everyday problems.

Socially supported sports help in minimizing stress, anxiety and depression. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1.1 million Australians voluntarily worked for sports and physical recreational organizations in 2006. According to the research, sports reduce psychological distress by 34%, if you play sports 1-3 times a week and by 47% if you play sports 4+ times a week. It is believed to enhance self-esteem and cognitive function in young people.


At Schola Nova research is conducted on a regular basis to find out ways to keep students physically active. Students play different sports such as football, volley ball, cricket, basketball etc. A Tennis coaching camp was conducted to encourage students to play tennis. At Pre-school racing, playing on different swings and exercise are a crucial element of everyday activities. Well-trained sports teachers ensure that each student reaches his/her true potential while pre-school teachers are also experienced in keeping the little ones’ active. In higher classes a female sports teacher is hired to support girls in their training. Stylishly designed sports uniforms have been introduced that provide comfort while playing sports.

According to Tahira, Senior Mistress, Schola Nova Senior Branch, “Physical activity has a positive impact on students’ academic performance. For example, we have seen that more physical exercises have helped our students concentrate more on their studies, they feel more active and energized and some have even shown better results in tests and exams.


Studies worldwide support these views. For example, Teen Sport in America: Why Participation Matters, January 2018, proved that participation in sports results in a positive attitude towards school work and therefore better grades especially amongst teens. Latest research in the US (2018) reveals that lack of physical activity has resulted in obesity. Inactivity is called the “new smoking” resulting in shorter lifespan amongst the new generation. This calls for well-taught physical education in order to motivate children to keep themselves active. The Physical Activity Council US suggests that children who have physical education in school have greater chances of being active even outside the PE class and therefore they remain active even in adulthood.

At Schola Nova students’ mental and physical health are well looked after. The school believes that only when students will be active, they will be able to concentrate on their studies more effectively.”


In August 2018 Performing Arts was added to provide a new means of physical exercise as children easily get bored of the same activities. Hence students are thoroughly enjoying the addition of this new activity. Zumba, aerobics and yoga are part of this program.