Rehana Rasool

AcademicDirector – Early Years

Ms. Rehana joined Schola Nova as a Kindergarten Teacher and, based on commitment and excellence in her role, she successfully paved her career through well-deserved promotions in a span of 10 years to her current position as Academic Director. With a welcoming smile and warm personality, she ensures the smooth functioning of Pre-School.
She focuses on individual needs of students by providing them opportunities to learn in a variety of ways, maintains a log of their academic performance and designs their syllabus accordingly. She is responsible for planning and executing Parent-Teacher Meetings, co-curricular activities and assembly presentations. Ms. Rehana also plays her role in distinction to train new teachers for Early Years. She enjoys the challenge of meeting and exceeding each child’s daily needs, watching them complete their goals and knowing what she does every day is making a difference in their lives.