“It is precisely the possibility of realising a dream that makes life interesting’ Paulo Coelho.

The memories of The Annual Drama Festival 2022 will remain alive in our minds for many years. The vivacious energy of our students and the sparkle in their eyes were contagious and mesmerised all in attendance. It brought to us immense joy and pride to see our students’ confidence and talent shine on stage and none of this could be achieved without your endless support.

Words are so limited in expressing our gratitude to you, our dear parents. Thank you for constantly contributing and supporting us and your children through this journey. You have indeed been very instrumental to the success we have achieved and your encouragement is what always motivates us to go above and beyond.

Each time we see the bundle of talent you each entrusted into our hands to nurture, we can’t help but appreciate you for this confidence you have in us. We promise not to let you down. Schola Nova Bazm e Khaas

In retrospect the early planning of the event, scripts, costumes and rehearsals first seemed daunting albeit a challenge that was taken positively by the administration, teachers and students. The continuous effort in putting together the whole show was spearheaded through careful planning and topped with enthusiasm to do the best.

Our students were the stars polished by teachers and coordinators to achieve their potentially best in creative expression. Teamwork, coordination, time management, public speaking and confidence building are all essential skills learnt through this project. Staging a performance together enabled pupils to build bonds of friendship between themselves, a quality essential to work together in harmony towards a goal. It has also made them receptive to constructive criticism. This teaches them to receive criticisms in the right spirit and encourage them to constantly strive towards improvement.

We were pleasantly surprised to see many students evolve and transcend beyond the classroom to the stars on stage. The confidence they radiated was the hope that we will cherish; our future is bright in their hands.

Without the parents’ patience, cooperation and support we would not have been able to achieve the grand results. Schola nova appreciates the unwavering encouragement of parents that bolstered our resolve to bring the best forward.

Team Schola Nova

We will keep you updated on our social media platforms. Schola Nova Bazm e Khaas