Tahira Sadia

Head Mistress – Senior School

Ms. Tahira Sadia is an esteemed member of Schola Nova Executive Team for past 5 years. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature and is a seasoned educator. Ms Tahira has been associated with the field of Education for over 12 years as a teacher, coordinator and now Head Mistress. Moreover, she has also worked as the editor of a renowned school magazine. Her presence has helped transform the staff and students by enhancing their value and efficiency.

Her role entails academic and co-curricular management and quality control by developing strategic plans for improvements in school policy and educational goals, curriculum, instruction, assessment and result preparation. Hence, she directs her staff with a vision of academic success and diverse individual attention for all students while maintaining a safe and receptive learning environment. She plans and ensures effective execution of all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities held in school. In addition to it, she also meets, advises and guides the parents related to student performance. Her pleasant demeanor and sense of fairness is a source of inspiration for all.