Schola Nova, the best school in Islamabad and a school for future leaders, has been working with at-risk youth for over 23 years. Our unique model of leadership development provides young people with the opportunity to unlock their full potential through active engagement in their schools and communities.

We believe all children deserve an excellent education regardless of their background, and that every teacher deserves to be recognized for the hard work they put in every day. Our common goal is to inspire each child to reach their full potential through challenging both their comfort zone and their existing beliefs.

We work towards making our students the future leaders by adopting a sound strategy. Here are the key factors that Schola Nova practices to develop the leadership qualities in its students.

  1. Help the student identify his strengths

To become a leader, one must know one’s strengths. We help our students identify their strengths and then provide the full opportunity to develop those in a suitable environment.

Our teachers fully support the children in their expression and development of their core abilities. They also guide them in choosing the right field to perform to their full potential.

  1. Provide opportunities to gain experience

After the realization of a student’s strengths, the most significant element for his success is to have a chance to practically experience it.

Our school manages to provide a whole range of opportunities for students of different aptitudes. Each student can have the experience in line with his interest. We arrange various kinds of activities, for example, writing competitions, sports activities, fund-raising for social welfare, and many more, etc.

In this way, a student gets fully prepared for his role as a future leader by gaining practical experience at the school level.

  1. Social skills development

In order to be a great leader, your child has to have basic social skills. In this regard, a school plays a significant role in incorporating these skills in a student in the early years of life.

Our students steadily learn to be good listeners, great communicators, critical thinkers, and develop a passion for teamwork. As a result, our students face life challenges with a sense of confidence. Hence, they are able to carry out their roles effectively.

  1. Inculcation of optimism 

Optimism is one of the essential attributes of a leader. We train our students to be optimistic in all situations. In a situation of setback, an optimist neither gives in nor loses his focus. 

Our students remain focused in all situations and prove themselves to be trustworthy for any challenging task.

  1. Create visionary individuals for society

For a person to be a leader, one must have a vision with clear goals.  The Best School in Islamabad is all about creating visionary individuals. It takes an innovative approach to education by combining classical arts with modern methods to provide an education that gives an individual the tools to think beyond their limitations, expand their horizon and find their true passion. The educational institution’s  careful and caring environment along with a unique curriculum set it apart from other schools in the city.

Thus our school provides excellent opportunities to develop moral and ethical values, to learn skills in leadership and management, and to develop democratic values and habits. We are endeavoring to improve our student’s ability to form meaningful relationships , work well with others, communicate effectively, contribute equally to society, resist peer pressure, cope with personal problems, find enjoyment in life,  and become the best versions of themselves.