Mission Statement

Schola Nova is a local private school situated in the heart of Islamabad. We have been educating the youth of Pakistan where they learn to lead since August 1998, with children ranging from Pre-nursery to Cambridge IGCSE, from all walks of life. Since its inception, Schola Nova has upheld traditions of high academic expectation, nurtured by a culture that values achievement in all activities and supports fully the development of each student to achieve success, gain self-confidence, and be equipped as independent learners, ready to take their place as responsible 21st-century citizens.


Performing Arts

Experience the joy of self expression through Drama and recital. An important tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented.


We believe in empowering students to dream, observe, research and create. Technology, science &
knowledge are important in modern contemporary society.

Sign Language

Teaching compassion, kindness and acceptance for all members of the community through the language of silence – the language of signs – Pakistan Sign Language. 


Music, as the universal language, clearly has the capacity to reach across cultural boundaries like no
other activity.