Mission Statement

Schola Nova is a local private school situated in the heart of Islamabad. We have been educating the youth of Pakistan where they learn to lead since August 1998, with children ranging from Pre-nursery to O’Level, from all walks of life. Since its inception, Schola Nova has upheld traditions of high academic expectation, nurtured by a culture that values achievement in all activities and supports fully the development of each student to achieve success, gain self-confidence, and be equipped as independent learners, ready to take their place as responsible 21st-century citizens.


Performing Arts

Experience the joy of self expression through Drama and recital. An important tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented.


We believe in empowering students to dream, observe, research and create. Technology, science &
knowledge are important in modern contemporary society.

Sign Language

Teaching compassion, kindness and acceptance for all members of the community through the language of silence – the language of signs – Pakistan Sign Language. 


Music, as the universal language, clearly has the capacity to reach across cultural boundaries like no
other activity.


Syed Baqir Hussain Naqvi

A 5 year old boy cried on his first day to school, hoping his parents wouldn’t make him stay. That same boy, at 17, showed great reserve as he put on a brave face on his last day at school, wishing he wouldn’t have to leave. As Dickens so eloquently put, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness..”

Schola Nova is more than a school. My time there was spent in the company of amazing faculty and mentors, as well as life-long friends. We learned, we laughed, we lived. Schola Nova will always be home.

Dr. Asad Hasan Bashir

I had the privilege of studying at Schola Nova for over 6 years. Attending this fine institution was an amazing experience one from which I gained life long friends and forged ever lasting memories which I cherish till this present day.
At Schola Nova everyone collectively strives to help children not only reach their full potential but to aim above and beyond, inculcating the time tested belief that nothing is beyond ones reach. Pushing the barriers of achievement and setting new milestones in academic excellence every step of the way.
Looking back now I can easily affirm that Schola Nova provides the essential stepping stones needed by young minds in the pursuit of a quality education.


I believe that an educational institution helps shape your life, not only by giving you quality education, but by teaching you the difference between right and wrong.

Schola Nova, has been the stepping stone for me that enables me to always push harder to achieve my goals in life. The teachers – my mentors , helped me dream big and not settle for anything less than what I planned. With graduation a few months away and my eyes on a masters degree, I can’t thank this school enough for making me Who I am today, for teaching me never to compromise on my education values and most importantly for building the confidence in me to not let any hurdle stop me from achieving my dreams.

In other words, best school ever 🙂

Hamza Farrukh

A white bungalow at the end of street 8, Schola Nova. A place where I learnt all that I know today and the drive to achieve more was instilled in me. Inside the walls of this institution great memories were created, lifelong friends were made, and best of all it was a place that felt like home. I really appreciate what this magnificent school has taught me and cherish the memories I have here. I hope one day I can give back to the family I have at Schola Nova. Thanks a lot Schola Nova

Rabiya Ashraf

Schola Nova has been the ultimate working experience for me. The teaching environment is vibrant, creative and accommodating. The staff and the students are equally warm and welcoming resulting in Schola Nova being one of the best learning institutions in Islamabad

Mohammad Farrae

Kids often describe their school life as the worst or the best time of their life. For me it was a bit of both. Having joined in grade 7 as one of the average students in class I resented each day. The teachers, however, worked tirelessly with me due to which I managed okay grades but more importantly I fell in love with studying, kinship and doing justice to all the abilities that Almighty has blessed us with.
I wish the best of luck to the school, all the children that are currently studying and to the teachers. I request that they continue to inspire students as before. Thank you.

Rinm Asad

I have spent 13 years in Schola Nova and I can never forget them. This school wasn’t only a school for me, it was more like a second home where I had multiple mothers who were always there for me. I met two very important people here, Ma’am Shazma and Mrs. Naeem, words can’t describe how much I appreciate them. The person I am today is all because of them. I wasn’t a very confident person before but after meeting them I have completely changed. Schola Nova by far is the only school I know where studies aren’t the only focus, character building and grooming are also their main focus. Mrs. Naeem taught me how to improve the way I conversed with people, how one’s posture should be while sitting and standing, she helped me improve myself. The time I spent in Schola Nova was the best! I have made so many friends and memories here. I hope one day I can give back what it gave me.

Thank you Schola Nova! 💚


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