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Acting is a medium that evokes a variety of different emotions from the audience and keeps them fully engrossed in the story that is being told. Since it is an art through which students are able to tap into their creativity, storytelling skills and ability to connect well with others, we provide them with a platform to encourage them to showcase their talents.


With Dialectics, our students develop the skill of critical thinking, questioning and establishing rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. It instils poise and confidence.


Dialectics is the skill of thinking, questioning and arguing in a way that honestly seeks the truth. We nourish our students minds by training them to find arguments and distinguish between truth reasons from the ones that are not.

Social Work

Social welfare is the binding force which keeps all the segregating parts of the community together. It is the base of peace and harmony in the society. Our students actively offer their time and services at old age homes, for tree plantation and cleanliness drives, human rights awareness campaigns and participate in fundraising for charity.


Sports have been viewed as a way to stay healthy and in shape but we know that it’s importance goes way further. It teaches life lessons like discipline, responsibility, self confidence and most importantly teamwork. We teach our students how to deal with failure and still get back in life through sports


The aim of the publication society is to make students take interest in writing and perhaps encourage them to take it up as a hobby or profession at later stages in life