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We are a diverse and vibrant community made up of students, educators, and parents who are dedicated to providing a meticulous and caring learning environment where excellence and positivity are demonstrated every day. A day in the Elementary School at Schola Nova begins with students entering their classrooms and engaging with classmates and their teachers in a morning meeting or activity. Throughout the day students engage in our core curriculum framework through inquiry-based and stand- alone units of study, developing their skills and knowledge.

In Elementary School, we have subject specialists who are trained to focus on curriculum which develops a strong academic base.
Our ambition for our students is to be active, insightful participants in their learning through a balanced, challenging curriculum, inventive and inquiry-based teaching methods, a variety of resources and media, and an encouraging relationship between home and school.

In Elementary School, we strive to provide an academically rigorous yet culturally rich experience that will equip you with an impressive array of skills whether you choose to pursue a degree or just stay engaged in the classroom.

What makes us different? Our passionate care for learning, our dedication to excellence, and a focus on social responsibility are our hallmarks. We believe in rewarding knowledge and teaching what we know. We support our students’ creativity and development, which is evident in the work they produce in the classroom. Most importantly, we believe in cultivating a strong love for learning and teaching in order to keep students engaged, excited, and committed to positive change throughout their lives.