Spring ushers in new beginnings and vivid possibilities. We at Schola Nova are excited for the upcoming bustle of events planned for this month. At this time of the year goodbyes may be the only bitter element that we face as ourstudents of Grade X step out of the Schola Nova gates to embrace fascinating opportunities and embark on journeys of discovery that fulfil dreams. The memories made on the Farewell Lunch hosted by Grade IX will accompany our students bringing a warm smile as they will look back to the day that was filled with love and laughter. We will surely miss the unique presence of each and every student of Grade X and reminisce our time together.

As always, Schola Nova has planned a comprehensive programme for this term that guarantees growth for each child. Public Speaking is an essential skill that we endeavour to cultivate every year through holding the Annual Debates Competition.

After the preliminary training and auditions finalists were selected to compete for the coveted annual awards. This year our focus was on presenting opinions in a light hearted manner and incorporating humour to ease the harshness of some social issues as an effective rhetoric. The oratory prowess developed through the practise sessions helped students hone their capabilities and gain versatility in expressing views. An exhilarating and nail biting session was held on March 4th, 2023 and the chief guest along with the judges encouraged the students with their honourable presence.

Every March, Pakistan Day is marked with patriotic zeal and fervour. We celebrate our green independence and remind each other of the sacrifices made for freedom. New resolutions are determined with to keep our freedom intact and hope to live up to the dream of our founding fathers is rekindled together with a pledge to do our individual duties better to contribute our share back to our great country Pakistan.

The field trips for all the grades are planned before the start of Ramadan to avail the pleasant weather conditions and immerse in outdoor activities so essential to keep one’s energy high. Grade X and IX will be appearing for their mocks and CIE exams soon and we wish all the luck and pray that their hard work is well rewarded with outstanding results. As Graham Bell said “preparation is the key to success” we strongly encourage all students to put in all efforts to achieve excellence, now and every time you seek it.